Amanda Greszler( Fulton) Bellevue, Ohio. Who Does Your Kids Really Belong To?

Amanda Greszler( Fulton) Bellevue Ohio. Who Does Your Kids Really Belong To? . To the women of Bellevue, Ohio. There is a woman by the name of Amanda Greszler AKA Amanda Fulton that likes to go around and cheat on her husband while he is busy driving truck. Amanda is not picky though she will also sleep with married men. I also know for a fact a few years after she got married in 2013 she had a kid that is not her husband johns. I do know that there is one person that knew about the adultery and that is her mother, h**l she might even know his name. who is he?
Then again in Oct-Nov of 2019 she committed adultery again but this time with a married man whom has kids of his own. which at that time it wasn’t just a married man she was involved with one other person that is not her husband. Amanda conceived in Nov 2019 and had yet another kid Aug 2020. who is he?
Now what I don’t get is if your married and unhappy what gives you the right to get involved with someone else family and not knowing what is really going on or really not knowing a d**n thing.
Here are some facts for you:
Did you know that he has left that person numerous times and every time had slept with someone else? (proven facts and has been proven by his own mother that had found used condoms under his bed every time he has left her)
Did you also know that person has not got involved with anyone during those times even though rumors say other wise?
Did you know that he has sent her to the hospital three times and two out of the three she was pregnant with their son?
Did you know that back in Oct when he told you he got laid off, he wasn’t even working. He hadn’t worked since Jan?
Did you know that he has the biggest secret of them all? If in fact a DNA test proves that he is in fact the father, Oh hunny your an idiot lol you may want to get blood work done for the next year.
So before you go and w***e around you might what to rethink about cheating on your husband and sleeping with married men let alone singles. As I will sit back and wait for karma to get you.

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