Larry Paul Mitchell — Who Really Is The Father

Larry Paul Mitchell — Who Really Is The Father. Man I have to say these guys are by far the dirtyest people I have ever met! Larry is Paul’s father and Marissa is Paul’s girlfriend but it’s been no secret that she has been sleeping with father and son for years! And yes they both know that she is… they have this dysfunctional relationship going between the 3 of them like when they where living together they shared a bed like how fuked is that father and son fuking the same girl and all sleeping in the same bed! It’s so fuking gross! All 3 of them are full blown Crack heads there while life is around getting high. A couple years ago Marissa got pragnent and she had a son which was completely selfish of her becuase she got high the whole pragnacy and the poor little boy was born addicted to drugs such a sin! But one day me and Paul where hanging out him and Marissa broke up becuase she started fuking anther junkie and Paul told me how him and his dad have no idea which one is the father of her son! Like could you imagine! Ling story short Paul and Marissa are back together I think and of coarse her junkie a55 still don’t have her son which is the best for him anyways. But they should be up here becuase they are fuking disgusting people that get together and find ways to scam and steal from other people. All three of them are just one disgusting theiving couple. Marissa got no class what so ever she’s hands down the dirtyest b1tch ever I’m so glad that I was too drunk the night me and her where hanging out and I couldn’t get a hard on lol that was my guardian angel watching over me haha becuase the nexts time I talked to Paul he told me that she gave him a drd that she caught from some guy that she was seeing but then he got put in jail and pauls dumb a55 got back with her after he clowned the girl so bad about her being a sh1tty mom and her doing drugs around his kid. The whole sisuation is fuked and everyone should know it’s about time they all get called out on there bullshit.

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