Holly Lennox — Abusive Psychopath On The Prowl For Next Victim

Holly Lennox — Abusive Psychopath On The Prowl For Next Victim. Holly Lennox is the quintessential psycho b1tch. She uses and abuses everyone around her, and forces friends and family to give her money and support her lifestyle (pill popping, over-spending, etc.). Holly is so unstable and crazy she can’t even hold down a simple, easy retail job. Not surprising, as she’s of sub-normal intelligence and couldn’t even graduate high school. She’s so fat, that tourists at the beach must mistake her bloated body for that of a beached whale. This woman is on the hunt for a man, so I warn you men of Bridgewater: stay far away. This woman has DRDs that she does not disclose to partners. She is also a serial cheater and liar. Known to have a problem with pill popping and driving around under the influence of alcohol and drugs. She also enjoys petty theft, so watch your cash and valuables. If you let her into your life as a friend or lover, she will use and abuse you until you have nothing left to give her, then she will throw you away and blame you for all her mistakes and problems. If you see this woman on a dating site or in public, literally turn and run away. This woman is a racist, parasitic succubus.

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