Jordan Newton — Deadbeat Cheating Husband

He doesn’t see his four children he claims the mother is whack I’ve met the mother personally and she’s trying her best the mother still loves her ex as she’s fuked up from depression and being with other bad guys she just wants her kids to see there dad and this guy is so fuked up from this new girl he’s litterallly left his kids to be with one of the sluttest ugliest girls around lol Dakota pleadwell use to suk d1ck for drugs the girl has had several abortions she has been engaged over 10 times with ten different men the only difference is Jordan fell for it and married the girl and now has got her pregnant He’s been sleeping with other girls while with her too which is HIKARIOUS , if it wasn’t for the no contact order he would be at his baby moms in a heartbeat , there’s a reason why the leash is so tight on him . Dakota knows Jordan and if Jordan and Katelyn were left alone together they’d get back and make there family work again ! Hahah rebounds suk I can’t wait to see this all fall apart faster then it started . Be warned this man is fuked and is married and has 5 kids !!

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