Christopher Brett Smith — Crackhead – Woman Beating Loser

This guy is a Narcissist loser.. he will rip everyone off including his family and granny down the street. He will go to any extent to feed his crack addiction. He will use his charisma and make you think he is all that and use his family to portray that he is the perfect guy because his father is a cop and his mother is a nurse. He jumps from city to city once he has burned everyone there and he gets ran out. He beats woman and children. He will try to trick you, give you a pathetic story to make you feel bad for him. He also will use his accident and injuries for sympathy and make out like he was the victim, when the reality is he was loaded out of his mind trying to find a chunk of crack, and killed one person and severely hurt someone whos last days of her life were restricted to a bed due to the injuries he caused, oh and the vehicle he had wasn’t even his he took it from a ex girlfriend and I am sure it wasn’t taken with consent. He is full of threats and tries to beat people down till there nothing. I have seen this dude get chicks with major drug addiction to suk his d1ck with a promise of hit only to punch them in the head afterwards and smoke it himself. So if you ever see this dude run the other way. This person will never change.

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