Ashley LaRochelle — Homewrecker, Obsessive Stalker, Dirty Stripper/Sex Worker

Ashley LaRochelle Homewrecker Obsessive Stalker Dirty Stripper/Sex Worker.Ashley LaRochelle or what she goes by on facebook Asher Fox, is a psycho! Loser, low life, most disgusting human imaginable….she collects welfare, and strips and does extras at Fanny’s! She has a kid, but it got taken away when it was a baby so now shes obsessed with getting pregnant again. She goes after married men, because quote – “They have money, and do what she says in fear of their wives finding out” YA!! She actually black mails the men she ends up with. Any guy that dates her only stays with her for 2-3 weeks before they realize how much of a lying, whore she is, but that’s not where it ends. Cus she’ll stalk you! She’ll obsess over you and find your family on facebook and harass them, and drive by your house or park out front and watch, and when you find a new girlfriend she’ll harass her, and even file false police reports on her. She has no contact orders and domestic issues with all her ex’s and their new girlfriends. She can’t even keep custody of her own child. Her own parents didn’t even want her….She’s a loser. A whore. A psycho. A homewrecker. A stalker. Stay away from her. Warn your friends, she’s on every dating site, and works at Fanny’s….Stay away from this one. Shell have you thrown in jail, or with an DRD within 2 weeks.

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