Lindzie Schwendenman Gold Digging H0E/Doing Nothing For Herself

I think it’s about time someone called this “girl” out. She changes underwear like she does boyfriends and husbands. Woman is to kind of a word for someone of her stature. She is in her mid twenties; 26. Has already been divorced once and looking for her next paycheck. Married a man for money 30 yes older than her and a home calling it “financial security” til he lost his job and all her hopes/finances of running a side business going straight down the drain. When she realized she wasn’t getting shit from the divorce she began her next scheme of finding the next old man with a pocket full of money. She’s looking for her next meal ticket so long as the man providing it croaks and leaves her with all his wealth. She claims she’s a model but we all know how Anyone with an ass shot on Instagram is a “model”. She openly promotes herself online like she is hot sh1t. She began dating another man in Orange County with deep pockets. Flaunting the mansion he bought in Coto de Caza as her new “home “ openly posting photos next to his Lamborghini and Ferrari like her hard work of dick sucking really worked out. She was still driving around in her hoopty so obvious that man was onto her. She may have gotten some last season YSL bags and a Chanel bag but let’s be honest the man was with her for a nice d1ck sucking and eye candy. Probably saw right through her sh1t. Within a few days of them breaking up she was a new boyfriend. Moved out the mansion and posted quotes about her ex being a narcissist. Ha pot calling the kettle back. Her new man was more her age this time but with the same deep pockets she was hoping for. He’s actually celebrity hailee steinfield’s brother. She was hoping for some fame and money to lock it down. Hoping hailee saw right through her since the relationship was short lived. Within two weeks all her photos of griffin steinfield were deleted and the heartbreak quotes ensued. Since the quarantine she is back with her ex Dustin in Coto de Caza posting photos in his lavish house, bath and backyard. WE SEE THROUGH YOUR bullshit H0E. It’s obvious she can’t be alone and without dick she has no means to pay her bills or eat her next meal. If anyone someone knows Dustin k in Orange County please tell what a disgusting, trashy, low life piece of sh1t this girl is. And how she will stop at nothing to have the glitzy Orange County lifestyle her hillbilly parents couldn’t give her. Please expose this girl and her next move. Because she deserves to be known for who she REALLY IS.

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