Stella Basha — Stella The Government Freeloader

So here is miss Stella Basha … here’s the story, This sleeze met up with a guy and secretly behind the guys back got pregnant then took the kid away from the dad .. lives off his child support ( her kid is full time in school ) and she sits on her a55 in a low income house and freeloads money from the government and her ex .. she is so skinny that it looks like she’s a crackhead .. she is mentally unstable and starved herself to make herself lose weight and “ look good” honey you look gross like a meth head haha … soooo here’s sommore … she also has a very rotten smelling vag .. showers only every two days but the stench from her is unbearable.. she has such a huge ass nose that it’s ultimately impossible to kiss her properly … she sits at home all day and loses her marbles when someone doesn’t reply back to her text messages … she is very mentally fuked up and needs help .. honey cutting all your hair off won’t change your psychoticness – get a job and stop living off everyone – wash your vagina – get a nose job – gain weight you sick meth head

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