Alicia Vey — Hide Your Boyfriends, Hide Your Fiancés. Succubus Alert!

This girl…. she got married in July of 2019. By August 2019 she was cheating on her husband that she had known since high school…. with someone else’s fiancé. She had ruined their engagement then made his ex look crazy by making stuff up in order to further manipulate him. She kept the affair hush for MONTHS (except for their friends group knew, which they facilitated the affair) while her husband was away working his a55 off to pay for their house, cars, etc. And use to have her side piece over to their house all the time. She paid for his booze and dates (again, her husbands money). She’s also an alcoholic and fed off of his issues and made them worse. Look tf out ladies, this ones a nasty one.

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