Kathie Lott — New York

This is Kathie Lott, also known as Kathleen Lott or Kat Lott. However, she uses the name of Dylan or mmedylan, Dylan is an escort in Phoenix AZ. I caught my husband a few months back contacting her. When was out of town my friend drove by my house and noticed a strange vehicle parked in front and gave me the licence? I had a PI trace the plate and it came back as: Kathleen Lott. She is from Ohio originally and New York and Las Vegas and Tuscon AZ too. This w***e helped ruin my marriage and I am sure many more.I have since kicked out my husband and a divorce is pending. Kathleen uses a few fake LLC’s to launder her prostitution money.
One is:
Phoenix Dog Sitting LLC.
She has a website:
It looks like she is in to BDSM too.
She is seriously going to pay for what she has done to me. Others have contacted me on this site with more information too.

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