Iris Garcia Bible Toting Fake

Iris Garcia Bible Toting Fake. This woman befriended my husband at the [REDACTED].( where fornicating amongst members is rapid) Since I thought he was going to church and following the Bible and commandments, I never questioned his late Saturday nights. Bible study my a55! I heard him talking one night to what sounded like a too close friend, then found FT snaps in his phone. When I questioned the elder at the church with the pictures , my husband was forced to fess up to me and they both were band from the church. We decided to try and fix our 26 yr marriage but this dirty HOMEWRECKER would not stay out of our Marriage! If anyone knows anything about this woman please post, I’d love to confront her and or see what other married men she’s slept with other than my husband. Last known email : [REDACTED] posting the church info as well for people to be aware as to the goings on. Do not let your husband attend…

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