Duane Doherty Hawthorne NY cheater user

Duane Doherty dob 03/17/1976 cheated on me, gave me stds, used me, and abused me. He lives in Hawthorne, grew up in westchester but plans to move to Florida eventually so be aware. He starts out being attentive and loving. Then there are times when he screams at you for no reason. No matter what you do, he will blame you, call you names and criticize you. Duane even now tries to say I cheated on him. He did the same thing with his girlfriend before me. He is the cheater. Duane cheats. His lies make no sense. There’s no logical basis to them and it makes no sense with regard to the sequence of events. The digital imprint of him admitting to cheating doesn’t disappear just because he switched his phone. He cheated on me and gave me STDs. His medical records and my medical records reflect the same. I was tested for STDs before dating him, and while dating him. I’ve never really had STDs except from him. He’s had them before. When the drs office called me I told them that was impossible and it had to be a mistake because I was monogamous and only w duane and we were both tested at least once a year. Duane showed me test results showing he was clean and disease free when we had dated a few months. Later on, even though I hadn’t been w anyone besides Duane, I had to go to the doctor for painful symptoms. The nurses and doctor can verify how hysterical I was each time I had to go in for the subsequent visits because I couldn’t believe he had cheated and given me stds. There are medical records, a sequence of facts, and he admits to it in writing. Yet, Duane calls me the liar and cheater? He forgets that he admitted to it so many times. And now he claims he’s not a cheater? He tried to tell me the girl before me cheated on him. He’s the cheater w her and w me. Cheaters like that don’t change. Cheaters lie and blame everyone else. But the lies are just that. Lies aren’t facts and they are not supported by any facts. I never lied to him. I never cheated on him. I loved him and was 100 percent devoted to him. Duane Doherty cheated on me, gave me stds and abused me. That is a fact w dated photos and written admissions from Duane. With regard to the verbal and emotional abuse I went through, so many examples. One time we had plans at a comedy club. I bought the tickets as always and made the plans. We were on his driveway and I forgot my phone in my car. Duane never picked me up for anything. He expected me to drive to his house always or meet him somewhere even years into the supposed serious and committed relationship. I said I have to get my phone. We weren’t late or short on time. I tried to open my car door to get my phone out of my car, I was sitting in his car. He started driving, yelled at me and told me my son didn’t need to be in touch w me that it was my time w him. I’m a single mom raising my kid. I told him I needed my phone for my son in case of an emergency and Duane refused to let me out of the car to get my phone and took me w him to the club instead. He yelled at me repeatedly in the car, called me names and I started crying. Another time we were on our way back from being out to another event in nj I bought tickets for and planned and my son was home sick. My son texted me asking me some questions and Duane started screaming at me because he wanted my full attention to navigate him and tell him where to drive. He kept blaming me because he missed a turn. He screamed profanities at me the rest of the night, the entire drive home and even after we got back the rest of the night, calling me names because I needed to respond to my son’s texts because he was sick. I tried to explain to Duane and it’s not like we got lost. He missed one turn. But if I wasn’t focused on him every moment he called me a bitch, whore and cunt – everything and anything and blamed me for anything that remotely went wrong. On vacation, if I forgot anything in the room like bug spray or sunblock because I was supposed to take care of everything the same thing happened. He screamed at me, cursing at me, calling me names. He said “you left it in the room on purpose to cause a problem.” He then said he was going snorkeling without me and wanted me to leave the snorkeling gear that o had bought w him. I bought the gear. I’m the one that knows how to snorkel. He can barely swim. A normal guy would’ve said just to hurry back or would offer to go get it for me. If I had to go to the bathroom when we were on vacation, he’d yell at me and question why it took me so long even if I was only gone 10 minutes. Duane is an abuser. I tried so hard to make him happy and do everything right for him but he’d just insult and scream at me. On our 2 yr anniversary while visiting his dad’s friend in Saratoga, when I was getting ready for dinner, he told me “your breasts are just nipples and skin., you should cover them up.” I’m an attractive woman, size 0, fit and pretty. No man has ever had a problem w any parts of my body, my face or anything about me- not even much younger men than Duane. But I was never good enough in Duane’s eyes. After I asked for my things to be returned ending the relationship, he didn’t bring them. He returned what he felt like returning. After that I asked Duane for an apology for how he treated me, abused me, cheated on me, used me most of our relationship. What did he give me? He promised we’d take walks in the park regularly, we’d go skating, we’d do things occasionally w my son. We never did any of them. We never shared holidays because he refused. We never spent 4th July together watching fireworks and we never got an Xmas tree together or decorated a tree together because he refused. He never got me a birthday cake or dessert to share w my son although I bought him a cake to have on his birthday when we were away, another one for him to share w his family on his birthday- I did the normal things a girlfriend did. He will never be a normal boyfriend. He never got my son a birthday card or Xmas gift, or even shared one meal w my son together even though I’m a single mom and I was the one that took his dog to the vet, bought his groceries, helped his family with numerous issues at his request and did everything for him including submitting his health insurance reimbursements, his dog insurance appeals, posted his apartment for rent every time he needed a new tenant, screened all potential tenants, etc. We dated for years. This is what he calls commitment. Me doing everything, him giving nothing in return. He uses u. He told me again and again. “I give what I want to give.” He gives you nothing. There’s no love. It’s him using you, abusing u, cheating on u.

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    • A man that cheats and abuses women doesn’t change. He can try to hide who he is but don’t change what he is. Changing your address, Instagram, lying – none don’t change the type of man he is. Abuser.

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