Carrie Ann Padilla (Cooper) Looking For A Daddy

Carrie Ann Padilla (Cooper) Looking For A Daddy. This whore will troll facebook looking for a daddy for her two kids. This b1tch THOUGHT she was gonna try to talk my husband into leaving me and our Son to get with her and take care of her two kids ( impossible since this b1tch lives in NM and we live in CA and THANKFULLY he realized his own a55holery) so she plays head games too.. This b1tch is a grimy a55 snake and doesn’t care if the man she goes after is marries. Read her entire FB page, This thirsty a55 b1tch has men from all over hitting her up. Read it all and you’ll see it. I managed to chase this b1tch off, but this a warning to others to watch your back around this whore. This grimy b1tch WILL try and fuk your man, will send him nudes and promises. All she wants is a dude…ANY dude to come and pay for her and her kids. BEWARE of this whore!

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