Trista Dianne Holding -Lousy Piece Of Sh1t

Trista Dianne Holding -Lousy Piece Of Sh1t. You know what I tried to be your friend “Trista Dianne Holding” but the moment things turn sour and I tried to be honest with you you immediately flipped or/and sh1t all over me and you never saw what you had at all you just chose see what you want to see you never really saw the friend that you had and I’m really sorry if you think I’m a sh1tty parent that’s really sad because I’m a better mother to my kids then you ever will be to yours. so I’m sorry that you’re making me out to be such a piece of sh1t nobody will ever see this message, nobody will ever know because you are a pathological manipulative egotistical liar you are just like Tristin you will burn every bridge you have with anybody that tries to be your friend just to prove what ??!that your sh1tty fuking person ?? Everybody knows already!! And I’m sorry that I ever tried to be your friend. I’m sorry for everything, I truly am. because I can see that it literally just went out the window with you! yeah how about you go fuk yourself instead of talking sh1t about me and ruining my life! Fuk you

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