Sydney Greanya — Little B-Girl Lost

Sydney Greanya Little B-Girl Lost. This skinny uppity blond b*tch thinks everything wrong in her life is everyone elses fault. She blames where she lives and who she hangs with because she wants to hide the truth that she is the damaged goods in that mix. She chases stupid dreams that are pie in the sky for the same reasons. This girl thinks shes been through the sh*t and that she’s is so mature but she hasn’t changed at all. Several years back when she was younger she was a party girl and a good time when booze was involved and that hasn’t changed, except now she is also up for girls because she couldn’t keep the guys she was interested in. She tries to act like she’s better than she really is but it’s an act and why she has lost friends. So if you want to score with a chick with a little girls butt just buy her a wine cooler and tell her how deep and different she is and her pants will come off. Maybe one day if she grows up emotionally she’ll hit puberty and stop having the body of a 11 year old.

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