Ashley & Jordan Shiels — Rip Offs

Ashley & Jordan Shiels Rip Offs. This lovely couple from MJ, Sk loves to party party snort a few lines here n there, cook up some crack here n there. The wife’s speciality is smoking the rocks, the hubby’s is snorting skateboarding and sipping hard liquor straight outta the bottle. They have two children who, who knows what they see hear and are around. This couple will try and get good deals from others but in return rip you off, they are super greedy. NONE OF THEIR family’s know because if they did, they might be forced into getting the help they ACTUALLY need. Jordan’s parents are blinded by their only child and his lies, they miss out that he’s got a drinking problem, a pepsi problem, and an anger issue. So people of MJ just be aware that these two have it easy, they live a live of secret drug addicts, the cat will be let out of the bag eventually.

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