Michel Oligny — Racist Against Blacks And Minorities

Hi Nick, I would like to introduce Michel Oligny from Terrebonne, Quebec who was originally from Brossard. Michel Oligny is the biggest racist in the province of Quebec. Michel Oligny despises all Black people like myself and other minority groups. He has assaulted Black people and spit in there faces just for being Black. He has no money and does not pay Taxes. Everything he does in his whole life is illegal and works for a fraudulent telemarketing scam company where he gets paid under the table. Michel loves to disrespect people of color and there is not 1 day that goes by that he does not use the N word. If you see Michel Oligny report him to your local police because he is dangerous and a big time racist. All he ever does is preach White Power. Lets put this racist Michel Oligny in prison!

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