Jeremy Lauderdale Closeted Hateful Racist from Springfield Missouri

Jeremy Lauderdale is a racist bigot.
Look at the hateful things he tweets, retweets and likes. He’s the man behind the racist twitter account @ImWaiting4What
He currently works as a server at Mexican Villa South in Springfield Missouri
If you really think the white race is the most superior race since you’ve claimed that and you are a “white nationalist” afterall, well your not a good representation of it.
Your short, your poor, your wife is ugly, you’re not attractive either. So next time you call black women monkeys, please take a hard look at yourself and your wife.
It’s funny cause your a racist white supremacist yet you work at a Mexican restaurant as a server, you say black people are monkeys yet your married to a ugly wife, and you hate black people “all of them” cause they give you “every reason to” yet you would act like a groupie and take a picture with a black celebrity. Coward
You hide behind a fake racist twitter account because you are coward

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