Brianna Allen/BLM Racist – St. Louis, MO

This cheating ass loser is a Black Lives Matter Member and Supporter, from St. Louis, Missouri.
Brianna Allen is waste of space, college dropout and a trifling piece of shit! Brianna Allen is racist against white people, even though she is half white, herself. She lets her racism be known by supporting hate groups that are against white people. Brianna and her ilk are constantly griping about white people.
Brianna will eventually cheat on you, talk shit about you, and will turn on you too, if she gets mad enough at you. She is an ungrateful, selfish pig who only cares about herself!
Her shirt says: “Black and Educated”. What a joke! She ain’t black and she ain’t educated. You can’t be all that black, if your mother is white. And you can’t be all that educated, if you drop out, before getting your degree. This bitch just up and quit school! Now she works at Spencer Gifts! The nursing classes must have gotten too tough for her. Um yeah, because every nursing student usually ends up leaving school and taking on a much lesser paying job, working in retail. Yeah, right. Whatever! Oh, well. At least Brianna is not one of these unfortunate white kids who has to pay back student loans for the rest of her life. American tax dollars paid for this non-white porker to go to school and to never finish. She was only there long enough to get her head filled with lies and bullshit about white people. Brianna turned against white people, even though they paid her way through school! Then this ungrateful POS drops out and doesn’t have to pay anything back. And she still hates and blames white people! She got her low IQ, peabrain brainwashed, by falling into the ranks of these violent college hate groups, like BLM and Antifa. Taxpayers are getting sick and tired of paying ungrateful minorities way through college, just so they can party and then later turn around and bite the hand that feeds them by joining these far-left, anti-white cults! What a waste of money and time this sow is! Her mother must be proud.
White women, this is the result of letting these worthless black bastards cum all up inside you, and then you getting pregnant by them. Stop burning coal and breeding with these black deadbeats! These black males almost always physically abuse you and then they leave you with a half breed kid to raise all on your own. How does it feel having to raise a child that looks and acts nothing like you or your own white family members? Not only that, but your disrespectful child grows up resenting you, and turning against you and your race! That must suck! How ungrateful of them to be like that to their white families who had raised them and had to put up with their shit for so many years!
These mixed kids are pissed off because they don’t have good hair, pretty blue eyes, and they look nothing like their white mothers! They feel like they don’t belong within their white families, and they’re more in touch with the black community, even though these kids are not fully black themselves. Brianna Allen is very anti-white, due to this bitterness. She is a supporter of “Black Lives Matter”; an anti-white hate group that has animosity and jealousy toward white people. These entitled terrorists blame white people for blacks being ignorant and violent and making bad decisions, which either get them arrested or shot!
Brianna is a proud lesbian, which really isn’t a bad thing. She can’t procreate if she remains only with women. A lot of black and mixed ugly women prefer being with other women, because deep, down inside they know that men (white, brown, and black) don’t want them. Being with women may also be more fulfilling and helpful to homely women, like Brianna. Another woman could show Brianna how to properly wash her pussy, since black and mixed women have stinky pussy, due to the fact their PH is off balance from constantly wearing weave, wigs, tight clothing and other shit. Plus, these sows live on soda and cake and don’t eat a proper healthy diet, nor do they douche or use soap to wash out that rotting cunt!
Brianna Allen is a bitter woman filled with hate! This bitch is nasty, as well as stupid! It’s best to avoid this lowlife hater! Beware! Stay away!

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