Kris Snyder — A Player

Kris Snyder A Player. This is Kris Snyder.. He is a married man, and has a girlfriend, he has spent many nights with his wife and then went to visit his Girlfriend. His Girlfriend is Jenna Huntbach (also on the dirty) He has been playing both these woman for a year and still is. He has lied to both woman about each other, telling both that he wants to be with them both. I know this as im related to him. He is staying at his parents and jumping from bed to bed at the present time. he is a messed up man. How can he treat woman this way? He has childern who see this. He is a carpenter who works with wood but his wood is dirty. SO LADIES STAY AWAY FROM THIS TWO TIMING A55HOLE… he may say he is single but he is NOT

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