Amy Kay Wilcox Planned And Plotted From Day One

This Bitch Amy Kay Wilcox 41 yes old, friended me and acted like she was a happy kind person I could trust. Told me she knew my husband had cheated with a previous coworker and she had my back and would let me know if she saw him flirting or thought he might be cheating and to add her on Facebook. Her ex best friend contacts me letting me know she wanted to get him from day one when they first met. That she flat out didn’t care he was married with 7 kids. One of which is 3 years old and non verbal autistic. Her best friend said she constantly talked about him like she was obsessed with getting him. And tried to get her to beat me up in February and again in March. When I messaged tock front her she told me and my son she didn’t give a fuck about any of us or my marriage. And to get over it.

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