JAMAR L JACKSON From Cheyenne Wyoming Is Married And Has Been For 13 Yearswith

JAMAR L JACKSON from Cheyenne Wyoming is married and has been for 13 years has 3 kids and his wife is fighting cancer and has many more medical conditions. He has a little boy with a developmental disability. I was seeing jamar for almost 8 months before I found out he was married. So I contacted his wife on Facebook and asked if she was married to him and of course she was and she had waited for him for year’s while he was in prison and had only been out 9 months when I found out that he was married so after that woman waited for him for all that time he didn’t even wait a month before betraying her and that’s not even the worst part I only began looking in to his life deeper because I found out that he was cheating on me with someone else. And i now have herpes for the rest of my life and I know for a fact that he is still sleeping with other women and passing out incurable DRDs like lollypops

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