Trashley Engel — Worn Out, Used, Leather Cvm Sock

Trashley Engel — Worn Out, Used, Leather Cvm Sock.Where do I begin with this hang on your wall, tuna fish? (You know, the ones with big a55 lips and sing any tune you choose) you’re the grossest friend I’ve ever had! I’m embarrassed to be in pictures with you with our mutual friends. I’m sick of the way you treat our closest friend, ur such a fake twat, stinky shoe! I heard from ur ex that your not so littly clitty is half down ur thigh.. barf… and it smelled like an old cvm sock….skip an injection and put ur money into a vaginal rejuvenation! Also, I hope you stopped allowing your son to stop eating his own fescue and stop snap chatting it and think it’s hilarious… you’re grotesque

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