Bailey Penttila — Pepsi Addict

Bailey Penttila — Pepsi Addict. Oh Bailey Penttila where do i even start…Bailey Borrows money off of his friends for pepsi and molly but never pays them back, He hangs out with 13-15 year olds and does these drugs with them claiming he just wants to have a good time and tries to get them so high on all these different drugs/pills but always wants sexual tension with them in the end of the night. which is illegal since Bailey Penttila is 22 years old. He’s also taking part in selling cocaine possibly even selling other drugs with Dylan dopp Bailey kept giving dylan drugs he couldn’t even go to work the next day so they fired him and now Dylan dopp sells it with him to raise his two kids. Poor kids. He is also a alcoholic he drinks atleast a pack a day.. This man disgusts me now everyone will know who he truly is.

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