Alin Dauod Goes By The Name Versace. Sorry Versace

Alin Dauod Goes By The Name Versace. Sorry Versace. hes a domestic assault abuser, he’ll both physically and psychologically abuse women. Talk about how he’s in and out of 5th North, and how he searches out vulnerable women to leech off of until they kick him out or he just ghosts them (i think that’s what would’ve happened eventually, once he’d completely drained you of money and any possessions of value) he deals drugs outside of the dream center, and how he’ll groom women in the beginning and act so kind and shit, then gaslights you when you start asking him to find a job or help pay bills. He’s a classic narcissist user and abuser he couldnt get it up sometimes because of hia drug abuse. That’s why he wouldn’t sleep in bed with you

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