Maureen Mcivor Beware This Abusive Trap

Maureen Mcivor Beware This Abusive Trap. This tube-tied welfare and child tax ass female is Maureen. She will trap you into a relationship then abuse you and make fun of you in front of all your friends. She particularly likes younger guys who are more vulnerable. Shes currently dating this special kid named Donald Desjarlais and she definitely abuses him because he doesn’t know better. She has three bastard kids who have no manners and her baby daddy is in jail and doesn’t even want her. She often contacts her ex retard Derek Fleury and tries to get back with him because she’s lonely. She used to push alcohol on him until he was black out drunk then she would run off to go see any guy who looks her way. She has no education, no job history, or nothing. She even has a family who is full of alcoholics and molest each other. Even her poor brother Keith was molested by an uncle and now abuses women for a living because they aren’t men. Just a sick and twisted family over all. Beware of this poor hobo fuk. Look at how grossly close she is to her gross brother Keith.

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