Kristen Mcfarlane — The Most Vindictive Eviliest Chick

Kristen Mcfarlane — The Most Vindictive Eviliest Chick. The dirty you need to know about this floozy Kristen Mcfarlane in Brandon Manitoba. She plays so sweet and innocent until she makes her way into any guys pants. She is the biggest fraud artist around she blames everything on anyone else. Even has her parents convinced because apparently they send her hundreds a day in transfers. She rips off everyone sells meth and sticks needles in her arms 15 times a day. She cheats on her bf with every plug and fuks all her friends bf. Including her bff tiffany she has fuked her baby daddy and every guy tiffany cas kristen wants to feel good about herself. She drugs her bf so she can rob him and fuk other guys. She has her new puppet Anthony that she fuks every second night while doing chops with him. She is a straight up ratt and blames everyone but herself for her fuk ups and puts people in jail. She needs to be exposed for the piece of sh1t she is and called out for the sh1t she has done.

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