BLAKE MARLOW MARIE ELLEN. This s**t has to have everyone she meets to fall in love with her. She befriended the guy in the long hair in the photo and began what she called a “platonic” relationship. This guy is my best friend and when he moved up there, these were the first friends he made. My friend started to message the husband but Ellen was the one who usually replied to him. She used that he was always at work as a reason for her gettjng back to him instead. Months passed and the two began to get close and through her kinds of love language and attention, he began to fall in love with her. He expressed his fears at one point to her about carrying on the friendship, but she assured him that they were fine, though she did acknowledge that she felt the same for him as he did her. She said that they were married and that they had to honor that, but he was free to love her as he wanted. This meant that he was free to engage in flirting and she received and at times, reciprocated. Meanwhile, on her end, she passed off the messages to her husband as my friend being goofy or h***y. This didn’t stop her from soaking it up though. He praised her for who she was and she was always accepting of it. She loved bombed him on the regular and fostered his emotions for her. Eventually, he tried to break from it, because he felt conflicted, as he was married. He would express that he felt bad after videos they’d send each other for chat and she would assure him that it was alright. Only when he flat out told her that he was jn love with her did she react like she hadn’t known the whole time. He confessed to his wife and she met with Ellen the next day. From there, Ellen threw my friend under the bus and claimed that she was worried for him without taking responsibility for her own actions. The two worst parts of this situation is that once my friend told Ellen that she soothed the trauma in his life by speaking to him in a way he’s never been spoken to, Ellen jumped at him and became everything for him. She took that away after saving face to his wife. The other worst part is that Ellen did the same thing to a friend in college, Joanna. Ellen manipulated her into staying her friend and to this day, Joanna lives a life in seclusion so that she doesn’t fall in love with other men, which is strange, considering she’s engaged and is best friends with Ellen to this day. My friend’s mental health declined, and upon Ellen’s 180 on him, he almost lost it in contemplating suicide. That was the night he called me after calling the hotline. He is still married and is doing very well now. Ellen is a monster and ironically works for the mental health department of the CDC. If anyone else has had her do this, I urge you to contact her department to report her. She promotes wellness on her Twitter page and shouldn’t be allowed to work there after what she did to my friend.

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