Timothy Craig — The Perfect Mr. Craig

Timothy Craig The Perfect Mr. Craig. This a55hole beats and abuses women and children he did it to his ex wife for 10 years and she finally got enough support to leave safely! He is pathetic has atleast 7 kids out there he will never support and is still h0eing around! He is a monster and liar claims to be a war vet and a bada55 when he is just an inbred that no one loves. He joins the Army NG to beat abuse charges then went AWOL and ended up getting discharged in training. He will not hold down a job more then 6 months if that. He almost killed his ex wife and her kids several times and walked away with no charges everytime!!! He beat his current GF and kids. He claims to have a horrible life when he is the monster!!! Beware women lovk your doors he is on the Prowl.

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