Lee-Ann Hertel And Christa Slater — The Illegal Social Services File Accessers

Lee-Ann Hertel And Christa Slater — The Illegal Social Services File Accessers. The witch and the drunk .. Lee-Ann Hertel & Christa Slater. Leeann got christa to illegally log into someones ODSP file in nov 2016 to stalk, harass, bully, slander, list goes on. They even accessed their other haters files and their bestfriends. How nasty is that? This all have been proven with a document letter and log in key. Theres traces! They have been accessing till oct 2017. Talk about stalking to the core eh. Thankfully christa got fired. Leeann has said christa was going to sue for having her fired. Uhhh what? LOL. Christa allowed her friend to brainwash her into accessing peoples files and they wanted to sue the victim?? O gosh. These two were hard drug addicts. Leeann bullies and bashes people that namecalls her friends, or that tells her off. As soon as that hits, watch out. She will make your life a living hell. She will ruin your reputation, your name, also tries to get bunch of people to stalk and make false complaints to your employers to get you cut or fired and SPCA to have animals taken. She is sick very sick and never takes responsibilities for her actions. Dont get on her bad side, she will make up stories and lies, no matter if you have a mental illness or not, she will provoke and poke till you go crazy and she will act like the real victim. It is a very sad life to live. She is alone and very unstable. I hope she gets the help she needs. Leeann, GROW UP AND STOP ACCUSING PEOPLE OF STUFF.

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