Jeff Dube — Douche De Douche Biggest Crack Smoking Goof Fuck Boy Around

This crack fiend has no morals or self respect or respect for anyone else, he will lie to you about anything and will steal from everyone including children and elders, he likes to pretend like he is some loyal, faithful guy when in reality he’s got 4 other girl friends and 6 other baby moms and is plotting to steal your shit at the right moment, He plays head games like a game of chess making you fall for his “charm” and bad boy persona, all while he is actually just a fuckboy by the time he leaves you with EVERYTHING of value you own so he can sell it for crack, you will be stuck thinking your crazy and question everything that ever happened while you were with him. “The Goof is on the loose, The Goof is on the loose, The GooooF is on the looooossseee”.

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