Kishan Visakan — Boston Pizza Predators

Kishan Visakan — Boston Pizza Predators. Hi folks! So this piece of garbages name is Kishan Visakan. He is the new owner of the 2 Boston Pizzas in Kingston. When he first took over in December 2019 he told all of us not to worry about losing our jobs and that we were all great workers. On Christmas Eve, he made phone calls and fired half the staff. On Christmas Eve! He said it didn’t matter to him as his family does not celebrate Christmas and is just another day. We had a new kitchen manager who was trying her best and a new GM at the time who was expecting a baby with his wife. He was fired the day before the due date. He told me he let him go because he doesn’t agree with people getting paid time off. The kitchen manager was fired as well shortly after. After everyone was eventually fired, myself and a few other servers were the remainder. When I asked him if my job was safe, he said he would never fire me because I have “ big assets” that sell. I am a large chested woman and knew what he meant. I was told if I was larger than some of the servers he had letgo, I would have been let good too. This guy fired single hard working moms who deserved this job more than I do. Unfortunately I’m still employed there as I cannot find another job during Covid. Just know that when you come in, these are the people who you are helping. Someone who is Constantly sexualLy harassment His servers and only hires based on body shape and size. Enjoy your food!

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