James MacCallum — Kingstons Crazy Preacher Hypocrite

Hello kingston. I am sure everyone knows this man by now. his names is James MacCallum He drives taxi and preaches of God. He will start screaming, yelling and over talking you. He will not listen to anyone and preaches that everyone but him and few saved people are going to hell. In his head it is his way or the highway. He goes down to market squire and screams about jesus and God. He has been fired already from his one taxi job due to not keeping his mouth shut about the bible. He will scream at homosexuals and call women jezebels. For a Godly man, he steals. Swears, hes violent. And lies. He has an uncontrollable lust issue to the point it is scary. He will preach everyone is going to hell yet he has sex with floozies over and over and over. He will get into grim and dark details of it. after he will start screaming that he is washed in the blood of jesus and forgiven. Yet he will do it again in another couple days. He will argue that all people are going to hell. He has a poor translation of the bible and he talks of hell fire over and over. he is a constant mooch. He will always ask people for free things and is very ungrateful over it. Never in my life have seen someone so hypocritical. Godly floozy loving man.

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