Dylan Dicecco — Beware Of This Bad Boy

Dylan Dicecco — Beware Of This Bad Boy. My husband and I watched “Someone Marry Barry” and I told him Dylan is his Barry. We are both sick and tired of watching this guy take wonderful, amazing, beautiful women and crush them in a game that they just can’t win. A narcissist peter pan who will remind you of a child…he destroys hearts but jumps right onto the next one and the next one like it’s no problem. He never takes responsibility for playing games. He always later tells us about how it was their fault but a boy who lies, cheats, throws tantrums, and acts like a godsend to each and every one of his women is hardly innocent. He wants to love so bad but he is SO bad at it because he loves himself more. No woman deserves a half assed attempt at a relationship. It would be nice to see him meet a woman but he doesn’t deserve to until he grows the fuk up and becomes a man who loves something other than himself.

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