Kaitlyn Hennings — Crazy Girl Stay Away

Kaitlyn Hennings — Crazy Girl Stay Away. This girl is insane. Met her online and we hooked up I thought everything was cool then she tells me she is pregnant with my kid. after this I find out she is engaged to some guy. and she is telling me it is my kid and telling the guy that the kid is his. She even did a fake DNA test to try to convince me that the kids were mine. Made me do mouth swap and everything. She made fake ultrasound pictures by pulling pics from google. Reverse image search what I shared and you will find it. She screwed me out of $1200 making me think this kid was mine when in fact she was faking a pregnancy and making her self fatter to appear pregnant. The sad thing is I had this confirmed by her mother… She told me she “miscarried” the kids and admitted to me she slept with 7 guys in that time period and apparently they all told her to fuk off… She is highly manipulative and loves to play the victim. Do not fall for her games.

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