Emily Nicole — Stinky Drama Queen Gossip Troll Of Kamloops

Emily Nicole — Stinky Drama Queen Gossip Troll Of Kamloops. This vile ugly creature loves to bounce around town like she runs sh1t talking smack behind peoples back every little chance she gets and engaging in every level of drama in Kamloops while pathetically attempting to impress everyone involved because she is at the point in her sad virgin life where she has no friends left! Her life is so pathetic that its turned into a full time hobby for the little slime ball! She tries so desperately to make herself look good by hanging out with half decent looking girls while kissing their @55es like nobody ever has before in an attempt to manipulate them to fit in because she thinks she is one! YOU ARE NOT EMILY NICOLE. youre ugly as [email protected] No matter how hard you try that is never going to change. Lastly get off social media you toad I feel emberassed for you with your cringe photos and posts! I dunno who you think you are but you aint it so quit b1tch!!!!!! best advice you ever got your welcome.

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