Billieanne Choma — Closet Floozy Fentanyl

Billieanne Choma — Closet Floozy Fentanyl . Im sure by now everyone in kamloops knows who this back pages slimy B1tch who only dates fentanyl dealers is! Every word that comes out of her mouth is a lie to manipulate what she really wants to get out of you! Shes legit got drds (drd) and thats no joke jack!! She works for greasy old biker pigs who pimp her out in kamloops and she has been gang banged while wacked out on meth by men who are practically senior citizens! She will set you up and turn on you in the snap of a finger to get robbed or kidnapped by the ppl she works for! Her fentanyl dealing x boyfriend jake who works for the same ppl she does ironically and that she always gos back to, killed his x gf and billieanne hated her! Funny how that all worked out for her…lastly her pal april palmer is leader and recruiter of the whole floozy gang in kamloops! Put these filthy floozies on blast!!!!

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