Kerry Sawyer At Large Again.

Kerry Sumner, Aka Kerry Page, Kerry Marquis, Kerry Davis, Kerry Jacks, Kerry Stacy, Kerry Sawyer is on the prowl again looking for her next male prey. They must have more money than the previous husband’s. She comes with a warning. She is a pathological liar. She’s better at making up stories. She has two friends that help her lie and make it believable as she reigns in her target. Be warned, she was not a Colts Cheerleader, never went to college especially IU. She is a jail bird for forgery and swindlingpeople out of money. Claims she is opening a GQ hair cut place be careful giving your credit card to this lady or any I’d she will use it to get credit cards in her name. She is now on the prowl for husband number 5. She is a good liar. She’s sweet to your face and stabs You in the back.

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