Katie Mayfield Fake Vegan, Bad Mom That’s Obsessed With Boyfriends

Hi there! This is Katie. She’s a questionable mom, she’s lazy and loves playing the victim. She’s 33, lives with her parents and survives off of money “donated” through Venmo and a little from random jobs she rarely holds more than months. She’s more into chasing fruitless relationships with men than providing for her child. She dropped out of high school and got pregnant and seems obsessed with dating black men to replace her baby’s father for the perfect family image. She also exaggerates medical conditions for sympathy (example: posts photos of herself in bikinis talking about the pain of her endometriosis). She implies(doesn’t explicitly state because she’s know it’s a lie) that she’s a vegan but cooked an ate steaks with my brother to try to impress him. I’m writing in because she harassed and threatened my brother after he ended their situationship.

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