Tara Milligan — All Hail Miss Holier Then Now Meth Head TARA MILLIGAN

Tara Milligan All Hail Miss Holier Then Now Meth Head TARA MILLIGAN.This girl always has the most to say …. About everyone And there mothers and constantly ranting on Facebook about how “perfect her life is “ mean while her and her boyfriend are meth heads HAMILTON METHADONIANS Tara is a sh1tty mother has a nasty dirty house and her teeth are rotting out of her mouth well soon to be so yellow and her man has sores from the meth mites all over his face!!! Omg that’s not even the best part she has hepatitis c she contacted from a tattoo parlour that used to be downtown Hamilton please someone take her kid this girl will take pictures of herself smoking pot while her son is in the background now pot is legal but second hand smoke is no joke! DISCUSTING.. Tara keep your mouth closed and your legs for that matter your breath smells like shit and your c00kie stinks like butt (wrong end to be smelling like butt girl dontcha think?) Oh and you look like a dude a ugly one at that mutt!

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