Sarah Garrett — Sarah Garret Nasty Crackhead

This is what you call Sarah Garrett my friends. She is THE most disgusting crackhead slut in all of Hamilton. She has fuked over 90 guys and doesnt give a rats a55 who she fuks. Was my bestfriend for years and I trusted her and let her into mine and my boyfriends home when she had no where else to go, fed her, clothed her and always shared my weed with her. Only to find out that she lied to my boyfriend telling him I cheated on him just so she could fuk him. And then I find out that while I was 2 months pregnant she fuked him while we were split and made him do crack. She fuks her stepdad and step brother for crack. I’ve watched her beg them for crack. I’ve also watched her fuk 2 guys at once and she tried to get me in on it. She sleeps under her mother’s roof knowing she’s banging her stepdad (moms boyfriend) for crack. Can’t even be loyal to her own mother, smh. She goes to the doctors once a week to cure her reoccurring drd since she can’t close her legs. DONT DO IT OR YOU WILL GET INFECTED!!

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