Renee Olscamp — The $2 Floozy And The Dirty D1ck

Renee Olscamp — The $2 Floozy And The Dirty D1ck.This here is a Hamilton Special. She is a cheap stripper who used to do “extras” for money and now does extras for your boyfriend. Her and my ex piece if shit boyfriend Andy Peddle, were fuking behind my back and lying to my face about it, while I was battling breast cancer. This is the kind of example she is setting for her daughter. He would rush my son and i out of the house to go fuk his floozy. Then he would look me in the eye the next day and lie to me and play with my son like nothing happened. When I confronted her she lied for him. Then would messege him that she wanted to “model” for his tattoos, as if he is some big tattoo artist. In fact his tattoo art is sh1t. They are both lying cowards who can’t face the truth about themselves, and would go to any lengths to get fuked. Andy Peddle is a scumbag who gets his d1ck wet by anything that moves and Renee Olscamp is Hamiltons finest whores.

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