Kyle Fenton Arnburg — Abuser Alert

Knew this kid for years, recently dated him and he was a RAGING drunk. I’d heard stories of him laying hands on two separate females and generally just being an aggressive p.o.s but as I had a past friendship with him I gave him the benefit of the doubt. He drank almost everyday for four months pretty much to the point of blacking out. I lived with him but Multiple times he’d black out, get in my face, scream at me, which led to me leaving. he woke up the next morning with no recollection, and tried twisting the story. Resorting in me feeling guilty and returning. The last time this happened we got into an argument, he told me to kill myself, I smacked him(not even hard) and he slapped me across the face full force, and then picked me up and threw me. I’ve spent the last two months recovering from the damage done to my hands and knees from catching myself. He immediately called his friends telling them “I attacked him” while I was in a black alley hiding from him. Be aware ladies. He seems like a sweetheart but he’s FUKED.

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