Kassidy Lywood — Fat Methhead Cvnt

Ok. Let’s start this off with she’s mentally abusive. She don’t get her way she threatens to break up with you, second she posts lies on the dirty about me to make me look bad! I’m not the one living with my meth head mom, says I told her to kill her self and I threw her. Lies she cranked her hand back with a fist and punched me, and I slapped her back as she proceeded to throw her self to the ground, if I did all that then why ain’t I in jail right now? Go smoke your meth and be a whore like you where before we dated! And I’m not the one who drank sauza from the time I opened my eyes till the time I slept like you, not to mention used my tab at work while I worked so she could get drunk. All she does is use people. Steer clear.

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