Tiffany Rollins — Dirty Scvm Bag

Hey NIC Got a good story for you this time that you will love. This woman right here tiffany is a total b1tch and will make you cry when she doesn’t get her own way. This woman is having sex with everything and anything in Canada. She is dirty and nasty. This woman does drugs everyday and gave up her kids to be a escort and a drug head. This woman is crazy she’s posting ads online saying she’s 32 but she is 42. This woman showed me paperwork of her having a DRD that was for life and she is having bareback sex with everyone out there. This woman is living with her sugar daddy becAuse she keeps getting kicked out of every place in Nova Scotia. She also is banned from Ontario Nic everyone needs to know what kind of woman this girl is and they need to stay away from her. She is bad shit crazy and will ruin your life with lies and make up stories about you and put you at risk when she doesn’t get her own way. She’s mainly a cry baby for attention. She’s all fake, fake a55 , fake tits Hell even her stinky vagina is fake This woman was a man before she became a woman.

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