Sarah Lee Hersey — All You Need Is 100 Dollars To Open Her Legs

I’ve known this girl for YEARS and let me tell you that she hasn’t and will not ever change… she’s 34 and has accomplished nothing! She acts and talks like she’s some kind of thug thinking that she’s cool or that it makes her intimadating but in reality EVERYONE laughs at her behind her back because she literally is a grown ass adult acting so ridiculous! The worst part is that she’s so lazy and rather get high all day so she sits on welfare and has the grossest old men in and out paying her $100-$200 to spread her legs it’s so disgusting! One day I watched her have 5 men in one day and she didn’t even shower in between or after she was done for the day and she went out to the bar that night! DIDN’T EVEN SHOWER!! She is just a foul person and she would always bitch about yeast infections and bacterial infections well that’s what happens when your a dirty pig! Even walking into her apartment all you smell is cat piss and dirty c00ch! If you look at her Facebook pictures she always looks all done up and we’ll kept but believe me I’ve taken a few of those pictures for her and it’s no lie when I say pictures can be deciving!!! She would alway ask to borrow clothes from me and I had to start saying no after I lent her a pair of jeans and I don’t know if she wasn’t wearing under wear and she wore them for days stright without washing them or what but when she gave them back they smelled so bad! Like stale dirty c00chie! And what was even worse was the inside crotch part was brown! Needless to say they went into the garbage. I’m putting her on blast because she deserves to be she steals from the people that only tryed to help her and she lies about everything! I still talk to her sister once and awhile and she’s completely disgusted in her…. she’s embarrassed that her sister is a floozy with ads and naked pictures all over the Internet not to mention she she can’t even trust her own sister. I couldn’t imagine almost being 35 and living that kinda of life all she’s doing is disappointing and embarrassing her whole family! Don’t let this loser into your life unless you want to have your sh1t stolen and alot of childish drama!

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