Krista Andrews — Dirty Crack Dealing Tattoo Shop Owner

Krista is definitely the most nastiest person I’ve ever met.. not only does she fuk everyone that she can male or female but she’s dirty as in hardly showers and asks people online to give her their used dildos and things like that. Besides being a nasty pig she’s always fuking rude I was there getting a tattoo done before I knew what she was all about and she treated me like I was some burden and like she was better then me because she was the owner of the shop even tho she’s always asking people on Facebook to give her money becauses she’s struggling so much lol which is a lie she’s completely scamming people. There is always shady a55 people coming in and out of the shop because she’s the fairview Crack dealer and for people that aren’t into all of that it makes you very uncomfortable when your there getting work done. I don’t know how the place isn’t closed down yet! All the people that complain about fuked up tattoos and infections and telling her about it does nothing becuase she will try and make it your fault some how. Shes always hireing inexperienced artist becuase she can pay them next to nothing and get away with it. She’s just such a selfish druggie goof that shouldn’t be running a business and putting people’s health at risk. Last year she fuked her best friends boyfriend and posted it all over her Facebook becuase they got into a fight…. that’s the kind person she is… not to mention her kids that she just gave up and never bothered to ever get them back becuase that would mean she would have to put someone before herself…. how fucking selfish is that! Your running your own shop that’s inside of your house but you just never could care enough to take your kids back being a fuking junkie Crack dealer that runs a dirty shop was something you wanted more then your own children. Don’t get tattooed from there becuase you will really regret it but if you want a sh1tty tat and maybe an infection and to be treated like sh1t and be in a Crack house while she runs up stair with weridos every 10 mins then this is your place.

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