John Arsenault — Child Diddler John Arsenault

John Arsenault — Child Diddler John Arsenault. Here’s Johnny! This man went to jail a few years ago for getting caught raping little fourteen year old girls and shooting them up with drugs. He is a registered sex offender. Not aloud around anyone’s kids. Is feared he will do it again. High risk. Lied about why he really went to jail. Hah. Lives in Dartmouth. Sells drugs and smokes crack. Sleeps with floozies he sells drugs too. Dates a dumb girl who has young little girls under 10. Loves him more then her kids. Living in a dirty house with fruit flies and cat spray. Cheats on her consistently and she doesn’t know. John is a goof. Might have caught something due to drug use. Hangs with little rat goofs in north end. Lives with mother. Stay far away or ur under age daughter could be next.

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