Brennagh Gaunt — The Dirtiest Lying H0e

Brennagh has made quite the reputation for herself around Halifax. Not only has she done a fantastic job sleeping with every single guy from Dartmouth to Halifax to Sackville while hitting on other girls boyfriends, but she’s made a point of trying to whore herself out on multiple floozy sites around the city. She does this to afford a lifestyle she likes to pretend she lives but tells all of her friends she’s poor and needs financial help. On top of all of these gross traits, this chick started to sleep with Cory Urquhart WHILE he was still married to and living with his wife. She wrecked their relationship, he moved out, and now they’ve started a full-fledged relationship. Who knows if she’ll continue floozying on the side now that she’s in a relationship but I know one thing for sure, stay farrrrr away from this dirty h0e. She causes chaos and ruins relationships everywhere she goes.

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