Amanda L Holland — Childish Amanda L Holland Aka CRUSTY The Clown

Posituting till her late 30s her guts adventully Fell out, tries to be sexual with men around her kids , posting men on here half her age, 3 kids 3 different dad’s, this bitch lie’s calls mens p.o. officers to tell they had 1 drink in order to make them do what she wants, all men end up leaving there kids or trying to cause nobody wants to deal with the drama this wart infested mut creates, she talks bad about her own sister makes fun of her saying she can’t read and write, later bregs about being with old guys at a young age, sits on her phone all day stirring up drama creeping dudes, teaches her great son odd behaviours like attacking other children over nothing or just simple things children do, she won’t teach her kids anything school wise let’s her kids fall behind in school whille she sits on her phone chatting up wannabe pimps and straight goofs, she’s so mad with herself, gay best friend aka jizzface promotes the sh1t she teaches and defends it, somehow this girl got a job involving at a school with children, people be aware of the problems this women creates and keep a close watch cause she’s got children in danger with what she’s teaching out her household..straight truth and facts…and all her photos are photoshopped this girl looks nothing like her photos it’s a trap

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Amanda Fedor. Family Destroyer. Homewrecker. Ray Dumais, Stupid Af Loser.

Tabitha Wall — Thirsty Bitch